Luxury Vinyl Tile: Understanding the Top Features and Benefits

So you’ve been thinking about making some changes inside your home. You’ve rearranged the furniture, bought and hung new artwork for the walls, and it looks nice, but it’s just not the breath of new life your home interior needs.

Do you know what part of your house you interact with the most? Spoiler Alert: It’s the floor!

The average American takes somewhere between 5,000 and 7,000 steps a day. With a family of four, that adds up to some serious foot traffic going on in your home.

There are lots of options out there when it comes to flooring: stone, wood, tile, carpet… the list goes on…

Have you ever considered luxury vinyl tile?

Luxury vinyl tile, or LVT, has many beneficial features that make it a great material to consider for your next remodel. Read on to learn about the features of LVT!


Let’s face it, price was probably your first question; none of us want to pay more than we have to, right? Well, great news! If you’re looking for a flooring option that looks great but won’t break the bank, luxury vinyl tile might be the right choice for you.

Hardwoods are beautiful, but they can be expensive, not to mention the maintenance. Luxury vinyl tile can replicate the look and feel of a wood floor, but at a fraction of the price! Installation of LVT is relatively simple and repairs are much less costly than traditional materials.

Let’s take a guess at your next question: Does affordability mean compromising the quality? Not with LVT.

High Durability

Luxury vinyl tile stands up to abuse. It is designed to handle high traffic in commercial grade settings like hospitals and dorms. It will definitely stand up to whatever you can throw at it at home.

LVT is coated with a top “wear layer” made to resist scuffs, dents, stains, and scratches. It is also great in areas like kitchens and bathrooms that have high moisture. LVT is water resistant so spills are easily cleaned and are much less likely to cause damage.

It’s great for pets! We love our furry little family members, but they can really do a number on carpets and wood floors. LVT will make clean up after Fluffy easy and will be resistant to claws, nails, and dirt.

One of the best in the industry, and our preferred manufacturer, is Floorfolio. Their 2mm On Demand Collection has an 8mil wear layer and urethane top coat that offers superior durability and easy maintenance. It’s perfect for residential and light commercial applications, and it’s stocked locally to DFW. The selection of wood look options in this collection has something for every home.

Style and Variety

Because it’s a synthetic material, luxury vinyl tile has almost unlimited visual potential. The selection on the market today of luxury vinyl is giant; everything from distressed wood to textiles, to stone. Thanks to the process of photogravure, LVT can be used to make incredibly realistic looking replicas of natural materials. It can replicate wood grain and textured stone, delivering a product that can be almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

The size of your room shouldn’t be a limitation when looking at luxury vinyl flooring. There are many varieties of shapes and sizes available. Since individual planks are used in LVT, no matter the shape of your room, it can be easily adapted. The custom order options from Floorfolio include design ranges from traditional to modern to rustic.

Easy To Maintain

If you’ve got a mop, you can keep LVT looking good as new! Thanks to the wear layer and durable material, maintenance is easy. Simple sweeping, vacuuming, and wet mopping will keep those floors looking great!

It’s also static-free, so dust and hair won’t cling to the surface (again, a life-saver when you have pets!)

There is no waxing. No sealing. No refinishing. While many other flooring options require special maintenance, all you have to do to keep luxury vinyl tile looking good is to clean it periodically with soap and water.

Comfortable and Quiet

Unlike some of the other flooring options like laminate and stone, luxury vinyl tile is comfortable for your feet. Whether it’s walking around in socks or barefoot, LVT provides some flex and cushion that will leave your feet feeling swell.

Stone and ceramic tile are notorious for being cold! No one wants to wake up on a winter morning and walk on a freezing cold floor. LVT retains heat and will be much warmer than harder flooring options.

It’s also nice and quiet underfoot! Tile, hardwood, and laminate can all be pretty noisy. Luxury vinyl flooring’s flexibility helps to dampen some of the sound from walking around. There are even options that provide extra thickness for multi-story buildings where noise seems to travel through the floors.

Luxury Vinyl Tile: The Verdict

The benefits of luxury vinyl tile have been known in the commercial sphere for years. But now, the secret is out and LVT is widely available for residential use. It is a low-cost, durable, and stylish way to spruce up any room!

We would love to help with your remodel. Whether you decide to go with LVT or not, we have experience with all kinds of flooring. We do many other types of construction projects as well so call or email us today for a quote and let’s get your home looking awesome!


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