Don’t be fooled by Green Gimmicks that only sound good!

Here are some ideas that pay you back while investing in a cleaner, more efficient technology for tomorrow!

Have you ever needed more hot water from your hot water heater but wished you didn’t have to keep heating it when you didn’t need it? Did you know that a gas tankless system can give you all of the hot water you’ll ever need, for as long as you need it, and then shuts itself off and has no energy loss after it is off?

This plumbing procedure will save you money and get you a tax credit!

Did you know you could have an attic that has a constant temperature within 10 degrees of your interior heated and cooled space? Can you imagine the comfort and the savings? An open cell foam insulation sprayed on the bottom of your roof deck will transform your attic and mitigate your energy loss immediately!

Did you know that Sherwin Williams Paint Company offers Low VOC paints that have no smell when you paint your interiors?

Do you have the latest in fluorescent and LED lighting technologies? They are helping everyone with incredible savings, twice the light with half or less the cost!

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